Image of Saikou "Supreme" Sticker

Saikou "Supreme" Sticker


This sticker is meant to be a parody to the Japanese Police "故障" (Koshou, Malfunction, Broken) Sticker which is sometimes slapped onto illegally modified cars when they are pulled over. The term "最高" (Saikou, Supreme, the Highest) is meant to be the exact opposite of the original sticker.

Being that "Saikou" means "Supreme", people are finding this sticker to represent a Japanese version of the "Supreme" brand sticker, which wasn't the original intention, but can serve that purpose too.

Printed in high gloss finish using a special silkscreen process which produces a higher quality and more durable finish when compared to traditional inkjet printing on vinyl. Silkscreening produces a "raised" edge for each layer of graphic that is printed which creates a dynamic look and feel to each sticker.

-4 x 2.35" inches (10.2 x 6 cm)

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